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Last year (and possibly earlier?) Beck shows featured puppet performances. There’s a nice description of a concert at Cup of Coffey.  Youtuber jeffreyharrell got a good shot of the show they did at Bonnaroo:

There’s a number of different performances posted on YouTube.  Here are some more…

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Phil Collins, Genesis, Land of Confusion. How could I, up until now, have forgotten about this video? I have a blog featuring puppet videos, and I neglected to post The Land of Confusion. The singularly most disturbing musical incorporation of on-screen puppetry ever. My reference list is a little convoluted for this one: a post at Puppetbuzz referenced a post at PuppetVision which referenced the original post at Culture Bully that featured the Top Five Music Videos to Ever Feature Puppets. I love all those websites so I had to give them creds. 🙂 Srsly, though, here’s the video:

I didn’t realize how closely Phil Collins resembles a potato until he was so deftly represented in puppet form.

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Time for another music video. This is the electronic hip-hop group Puppet Mastaz with a song called “Pet Sound.” I think they’re German. I’m not sure whether I like them, but they apparently have committed 100% to the concept of having all-puppet personae. It’s like Gwar-to-the-next-level, or something.

Here is a Lily Allen music video starring a hilarious puppet as her little brother Alfie (as well as some adorable little birdie puppets). Beware: Alfie does things on-screen that some viewers may disapprove of or find offensive. I’m not a big fan of pop music, but this is a fabulous video anyway. I should give the credit that I originally found this in a post on PuppetVision.