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By popular demand, the new Muppet of the Month is (drum roll): The Swedish Chef!

The Swedish Chef’s Video Cookbook

Videos of Puppets hopes your kitchen benefits from this unofficial video guide to Swedish cooking. You may or may not want to try these recipes at home.

Not Swedish Chili


  • The spicy spicy
  • The hotsy totsy
  • Pepper sauce

Combine and serve on finger. (May asplode head.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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I’ve been a bit slacking lately, but I have seen some updates in a couple of wonderful shows.  Since I last mentioned Showbeast, there have been four new videos posted, including two ads for an exciting national tour (!!!), and this episode called “Baltimore Beastwork:”

 I think that show is getting weirder.  I don’t know how you can measure that kind of thing, but it’s definitely weirder.  In a beautiful kind of way.  And then, let’s not forget about the Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre.

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This Greg the Bunny show sounds vaguely familiar, but I think I just totally missed it. Apparently, according to Wikipedia, it was a cable access show in NYC, and Fox tried to turn it into a series, which failed terribly because the creators weren’t allowed to be as edgy as usual, and it was diluted into a corny sitcom. That’s a real-life story that sounds like the puppet version of Wayne’s World! I was pleasantly surprised to find a post by lu terceiro pointing to a page on the Independent Film Channel (who picked up Greg the Bunny), where you can watch all kinds of recent, hilarious “webisodes.” Here is the first episode of the less-than-it-could-have-been Fox series:

It looks like the IFC has done a lot more with the show.  At least, that’s the impression I get on YouTube…

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Thistledown Puppets has a great series of skits on YouTube. It’s really funny. And the creator, Philip Hatter, has made a ton of really awesome puppets.

In this first clip, Big B. Wolf sells his DVD on how to get the ladies. I didn’t notice at first, but as pointed out elsewhere Wolf has a gold tooth, which is totally pimp.

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Check out Lejo. Thay are hilarious puppets made with nothing more than two eyeballs and a rubberband. And they are really wonderfully performed! An awesome post at Fort Awesome recently turned me on to this silly awesomeness. Here’s a sample. You can view many more videos and learn about Lejo’s workshops and shows on the website.

Okay okay, just one more!!  This next one is one of my favorites, cuz there’s song and dance!

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Sock puppets are a subject that is dear to me; they were featured in my first post ever about Sifl and Olly. And, today I’d like to share with you some equally talented socks. These ones have falsetto voices and Scottish accents, as the name implies: Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre! Very high quality performances. These folks get paid to do shows and everything. Here’s a sample where they start out with a fabulous version of “Stand By Your Man” and then continue on with some other great silliness:

This is endlessly entertaining. They’ve posted a bunch of videos on YouTube. Some are of live performances, and some seem to have been performed merely for the benefit of YouTubers. This next one is a spoof on the Apple/Mac commercials.

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