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Nina Conti is a ventriloquist/stand-up comedian (I’ve included a recording of her stand-up routine at the end of the post). Here is a pilot they (she and her monkey Monk) shot for the BBC. It’s actually a really clever integration of documentary-style filming and making people suspend disbelief and hold a conversation with a woman and her monkey hand puppet. Funny.

That was part one of three. Here’s part two:

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The television show Britain’s Got Talent just finished. One act it featured in the finals was Damon Scott and his monkey puppet Bubbles. I only know about this show from YouTube (ITV not available in the US), but it looks like a hybrid of American Idol (three judge format with Simon Cowell as judge number 3), with variety-act talent show performances. This puppet act amazingly went all the way. It is quite funny…

This came after Simon didn’t like Damon’s semi-final performance with a different monkey, and singing from Damon which may not have been implemented very well (but was still a very good performance). Here’s that video:

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