This Greg the Bunny show sounds vaguely familiar, but I think I just totally missed it. Apparently, according to Wikipedia, it was a cable access show in NYC, and Fox tried to turn it into a series, which failed terribly because the creators weren’t allowed to be as edgy as usual, and it was diluted into a corny sitcom. That’s a real-life story that sounds like the puppet version of Wayne’s World! I was pleasantly surprised to find a post by lu terceiro pointing to a page on the Independent Film Channel (who picked up Greg the Bunny), where you can watch all kinds of recent, hilarious “webisodes.” Here is the first episode of the less-than-it-could-have-been Fox series:

It looks like the IFC has done a lot more with the show.  At least, that’s the impression I get on YouTube…

Here’s Greg the Bunny going to a rave, on the IFC.  A great bit of semi-reality tv!

I’m a fan.  So much cooler than that “for-me-to-poop-on” dog on Connan.