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By popular demand, the new Muppet of the Month is (drum roll): The Swedish Chef!

The Swedish Chef’s Video Cookbook

Videos of Puppets hopes your kitchen benefits from this unofficial video guide to Swedish cooking. You may or may not want to try these recipes at home.

Not Swedish Chili


  • The spicy spicy
  • The hotsy totsy
  • Pepper sauce

Combine and serve on finger. (May asplode head.)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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A few quick Videos of Puppets details worth mentioning, just in-case there’s anyone out there who reads this blog.

  1. It was proposed by yvi-kitteh in the Muppet of the Month comments section that there should be a vote for the next Muppet of the Month. Okay. Please feel free to drop suggestions in the comments; I’d love to hear ideas!
  2. The site layout has been a little schizophrenic lately. Sorry about that. But this is it, I promise. Final layout. And, you may have noticed Chester (whose beautiful mug is used without permission).

This is Chester Too

He is our mascot. So, if we ever play against another website, Chester will be there doing flips and stuff. He is a Sifl and Olly character. And is great.

I’m going to start a new “thing” for this website. Videos of Puppets will now have the extra special feature called Muppet of the Month. The very first Muppet of the Month is <drum roll…> Fozzie Bear! Here is Fozzie with Rolf on the piano:

But, the greatest reason to feature Fozzie is these following videos of conversations between Kermit and Fozzie, which Jim Henson and Frank Oz shot as camera tests before filming of The Muppet Movie. They’re really quite hilarious. The first one, below, features Fozzie “driving” a car with Kermit in the back seat. This exemplifies Fozzie’s role as a goofball:

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You can thank my brother Dan for the link to that last Punch and Judy video. He sent me a pile of ideas so I’ll have some material for the next few posts. And, as long as we’re talking about Danny Boy, here are Beaker, Animal and the Swedish Chef singing. They make an especially good trio because they are all (1) neurotic, (2) incomprehensible and (3) often have little idea of what is going on around them. 🙂

These aren’t puppets, I guess, but it’s still relevant content, and anyway it’s hilarious and really well produced.  Three words: brilliant, brilliant and brilliant.  Especially the whole Leonard Nemoy / William Shatner thing.

And, in any case, this is possibly the only post I’ve made that doesn’t violate copyright laws.  Well, at least not as bad.

Aka Manamana. Here is a look back through the years at this infectious Swedish skat song made immortal by the Muppets. There are four videos in all; you can use the “read the rest of this post” link to see them all.  It all began on Sesame Street, sometime around here:


And then, everything turned pink in this later video:

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