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I’ve decided to do something important, something that can make a difference in the world. I’m turning this neglected blog into a well-focused puppet love machine. What the internet really needs is more links to digital media featuring puppets. The idea is that I’m going to put in a serious effort and post things several times per week. We’ll see if anyone actually reads it. It would be cool if someone did, though, huh? –crossing fingers and wishing for the witchcraft of google search results– Also, I would absolutely love it if you could share in this endeavor and make it a two-way conversation. Leave comments on my archaic, one-dimensional comment board.

Here is the detailed plan for implementation of this project

Step 1. Watch funny puppets.

Step 2. Figure out how to use the internets.

Step 3. Puppets be funny on the internets.

Crescent fresh

Thx four viziting –Chester Ithacan