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This is L’Animateur, a stop-motion puppetty short by Nick Hilligoss. It’s amusing.

And, very low budget, judging from this article. Turned out pretty awesome.


Here is a stop-animation puppet short called From Behind, by The Village of Marchen in Tokyo, Japan. I love this kind of stuff, so I’m posting it even though it’s not exactly puppeteering I guess. I think I decided already with Trnka’s The Hand that stop-animation puppets count as “videos of puppets.” 🙂 I originally found this short thru a post at Chawed Rosin. It’s good.

That was part one of a collection called Worku. They also posted a trailer for part two:

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Here is Jiri Trnka‘s animated puppet film The Hand. My brother forwarded me this video through a really great post at Seksuvision:

Ruka (aka The Hand) (1965) is [Trnka’s] last film he made before his death in 1969 and reflects Trnka’s own struggle to create art under a totalitarian regime. Sadly, it was banned by the regime he worked under after his death. However, it is currently available for purchase in the U.S. as part of this DVD compilation.”

Here is the video:

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