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This Greg the Bunny show sounds vaguely familiar, but I think I just totally missed it. Apparently, according to Wikipedia, it was a cable access show in NYC, and Fox tried to turn it into a series, which failed terribly because the creators weren’t allowed to be as edgy as usual, and it was diluted into a corny sitcom. That’s a real-life story that sounds like the puppet version of Wayne’s World! I was pleasantly surprised to find a post by lu terceiro pointing to a page on the Independent Film Channel (who picked up Greg the Bunny), where you can watch all kinds of recent, hilarious “webisodes.” Here is the first episode of the less-than-it-could-have-been Fox series:

It looks like the IFC has done a lot more with the show.  At least, that’s the impression I get on YouTube…

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Nina Conti is a ventriloquist/stand-up comedian (I’ve included a recording of her stand-up routine at the end of the post). Here is a pilot they (she and her monkey Monk) shot for the BBC. It’s actually a really clever integration of documentary-style filming and making people suspend disbelief and hold a conversation with a woman and her monkey hand puppet. Funny.

That was part one of three. Here’s part two:

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This post will probably only be funny to those of us who own all the Arrested Development DVDs and watch them repeatedly. I had to eventually have a post that features Gob’s puppet Franklin. Gob (pronounced “johb”), in addition to being a terrible magician who runs around on stage while blasting “The Final Countdown,” also has a terrible puppet act with an ill-conceived puppet character Franklin. Here is how the series introduced Franklin:

This next video is Gob’s attempt to cut a record with Franklin. It’s a parody of Stevie Wonder and Paul McCartney’s “Ebony and Ivory.”

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Here is a neat old string-puppet show called The Adventures of Twizzle. Twizzle is a toy with go-go-gadget legs. This looks like it could be a pilot episode, where Twizzle meets his kitty friend, Footso. It is, unfortunately, edited a bit in order to fit into YouTube’s 10-minute allotment. It looks like it was a really good show, though, despite the clumsy puppeteering.

I’ve noticed that I seem to be running a long streak of UK television. Huh. This show was also on ITV.

You can thank my brother Dan for the link to that last Punch and Judy video. He sent me a pile of ideas so I’ll have some material for the next few posts. And, as long as we’re talking about Danny Boy, here are Beaker, Animal and the Swedish Chef singing. They make an especially good trio because they are all (1) neurotic, (2) incomprehensible and (3) often have little idea of what is going on around them. 🙂