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Here is a stop-animation puppet short called From Behind, by The Village of Marchen in Tokyo, Japan. I love this kind of stuff, so I’m posting it even though it’s not exactly puppeteering I guess. I think I decided already with Trnka’s The Hand that stop-animation puppets count as “videos of puppets.” 🙂 I originally found this short thru a post at Chawed Rosin. It’s good.

That was part one of a collection called Worku. They also posted a trailer for part two:

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Bunraku is a Japanese performance art using puppets with really life-like, nuanced movements. Here’s a sample. The puppeteers are out in the open; you just ignore them and watch the puppet.

This next set of videos are from a great documentary on Bunraku. I wish I knew what the documentary was called so I could cite it. [UPDATE: The YouTube poster, heikoushi, says it is a TV show called Weekend Japanology.] Anyway, you don’t need any more details on this stuff from me; the video goes into great depth:

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