Phil Collins, Genesis, Land of Confusion. How could I, up until now, have forgotten about this video? I have a blog featuring puppet videos, and I neglected to post The Land of Confusion. The singularly most disturbing musical incorporation of on-screen puppetry ever. My reference list is a little convoluted for this one: a post at Puppetbuzz referenced a post at PuppetVision which referenced the original post at Culture Bully that featured the Top Five Music Videos to Ever Feature Puppets. I love all those websites so I had to give them creds. ūüôā Srsly, though, here’s the video:

I didn’t realize how closely Phil Collins resembles a potato until he was so deftly represented in puppet form.

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Check out Lejo.¬†Thay are¬†hilarious puppets made with nothing more than two eyeballs and a rubberband. And they are¬†really¬†wonderfully performed!¬†An¬†awesome post at¬†Fort Awesome¬†recently turned me on to this silly¬†awesomeness. Here’s a sample.¬†You can view many more videos and learn about Lejo’s workshops and shows on the website.

Okay okay, just one more!!¬† This next one¬†is one of my favorites, cuz there’s song and dance!

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This is L’Animateur, a stop-motion puppetty short by Nick Hilligoss. It’s amusing.

And, very low budget, judging from this article. Turned out pretty awesome.

A few quick Videos of Puppets details worth mentioning, just in-case there’s anyone out there who reads this blog.

  1. It was proposed by yvi-kitteh in the Muppet of the Month comments section that there should be a vote for the next Muppet of the Month. Okay. Please feel free to drop suggestions in the comments; I’d love to hear ideas!
  2. The site layout has been a little schizophrenic lately. Sorry about that. But this is it, I promise. Final layout. And, you may have noticed Chester (whose beautiful mug is used without permission).

This is Chester Too

He is our mascot. So, if we ever play against another website, Chester will be there doing flips and stuff. He is a Sifl and Olly character. And is great.

Sock puppets are a subject that is dear to me; they were featured in my first post ever about Sifl and Olly. And, today I’d like to share with you some equally talented socks. These ones have falsetto voices and Scottish accents, as the name implies: Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre! Very high quality performances. These folks get paid to do shows and everything. Here’s a sample where they start out with a fabulous version of “Stand By Your Man” and then continue on with some other great silliness:

This is endlessly entertaining. They’ve posted a bunch of videos on YouTube. Some are of live performances, and some seem to have been performed merely for the benefit of YouTubers. This next one is a spoof on the Apple/Mac commercials.

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Here is a really amazing performance by the French puppeteers Compagnie Philippe Genty. It’s cool how Genty turns a scarf into a goofy little creature. Quite funny.

And next is an overview of some more of their work. Not sure what language the ad is in…

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