Sock puppets are a subject that is dear to me; they were featured in my first post ever about Sifl and Olly. And, today I’d like to share with you some equally talented socks. These ones have falsetto voices and Scottish accents, as the name implies: Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre! Very high quality performances. These folks get paid to do shows and everything. Here’s a sample where they start out with a fabulous version of “Stand By Your Man” and then continue on with some other great silliness:

This is endlessly entertaining. They’ve posted a bunch of videos on YouTube. Some are of live performances, and some seem to have been performed merely for the benefit of YouTubers. This next one is a spoof on the Apple/Mac commercials.

Because, hey, everybody else is spoofing them. It’s almost like you have to…

LOLZ “Hullo, I’m a PC.” – “And so am I.” That’s a great running gag they have going for them. And, finally, here’s a brilliant production they did of Macbeth (or “The Scottish Play“; 10 min):