I’m going to start a new “thing” for this website. Videos of Puppets will now have the extra special feature called Muppet of the Month. The very first Muppet of the Month is <drum roll…> Fozzie Bear! Here is Fozzie with Rolf on the piano:

But, the greatest reason to feature Fozzie is these following videos of conversations between Kermit and Fozzie, which Jim Henson and Frank Oz shot as camera tests before filming of The Muppet Movie. They’re really quite hilarious. The first one, below, features Fozzie “driving” a car with Kermit in the back seat. This exemplifies Fozzie’s role as a goofball:

In this next shot, Kermit and Fozzie get deep and discuss the nature of being:

Then they get a little closer to those cows and Fozzie tries out a comedy routine:

On the Muppet Show

Oh, I keep finding more great stuff!! I had totally forgotten about this following sketch, but I really love it. I think it was a recurring bit with Fozzie working behind the counter at a diner. This one features Nancy Walker:

This next video is the Simon Smith and The Amazing Dancing Bear sketch. There’s something infectious about Fozzie’s silly smile.

Here is Fozzie singing “I Don’t Got Rhythm” with Rolf: